Your roof is an important component of the structure of your house. Roofing issues can quickly create many other issues such as damages due to water or molding. Winter is especially severe for roofing. Whilst the roof of your house can last up to half a century, improper maintenance could considerably reduce the number of years before you purchase new roof. Even with winter in full swing, there are some steps you need to follow for maintaining your home’s roof and protecting it.


Here are top roofing upkeep suggestions that will help your roof remain in top condition this winter season:


  • Sweep the rooftop clear of debris: Things such as twigs, leaves, and little branches cause excess debris makes water pooling, which creates tension around the roof and raises the chance of leakages. Do not give too much of pressure while sweeping, as this might damage the layer that covers roof or entirely spoil the defensive covering.


  • Upgrade the insulation: Your homes roof will shed heat and allow cool air to enter when you have bad insulation within your attic. Insulating material will make it difficult for the heat to escape through the roof. The best thing is to replace the insulating material inside your attic. Read How To Know If Your Attic is Properly Insulated if you are not sure.


  • Check insulating material: While conducting the roofing assessment, never ignore to check the insulating material. In case your insulating material is not as good as you thought, it is the best time to replace it. Inadequate insulating material can seriously damage your roofing, so make sure that everything is correct.


  • Trim the overhanging trees: Tree branches that overhang on your roofing can harm shingles and can deposit organic debris, which will harm your roof over the period of time. At least once a year, trim these limbs and monitor them. When they start growing in winter season, cut them once more.


  • Check the flashing: Damaged shingles or broken flashing could be the culprit for leakages. Flashing connects rooftop to other components, such as skylights, chimneys, windows, air vents, and so forth. Examine the flashing and make sure it is in good condition. If you need to replace the flashing, make sure it is correctly installed or you will see more leakages inside your home.


  • Rake your roof: Roof rakes eliminate excess snow out of your roofing, that will prevent roofing leakages and the ice formation. Utilize them carefully because you may by mistake hit the rain gutters whenever you draw snowfall back down. Do not try to get on to the roof in the winter season. Call the expert roofer who has vast experience, knowledge and the right gear to do the job.


  • Examine your homes roof for indentations and holes: Check the roof’s caulking along the flashing — the region where your rooftop meets masonry wall surface . Check for standing or puddling water, which suggest low area that needs attention.

These steps are important for any home owner to be sure that their roof is in top-notch shape. If you are a property manager these steps are important  and you can also check our article Property Manager Roof Maintenance Tips for more roofing tips.